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Critical Violations List


The critical violations list is designed to inform the citizens of Randolph of any critical violations in the Town's food establishments. The Freedom of information act fully acknowledges each citizens right to view certain inspectional government documents. The food establishments listed will appear on this site for approximately six months following the violation. It is important to note that the critical violation may have been corrected days or hours after the inspection and rendered a non-issue. We offer this as a service to the community in that they will be informed.

Before using this web site, users should read this explanation of the system so they are fully aware of how violations are assessed and applied to foodservice establishments. The information is designed give consumers an indication of a food establishment's overall cleanliness and sanitation during a random inspection performed by The Randolph Board of Health . The inspection results are designed to give consumers a snap shot in time of an establishment's operation. It should not be assumed that the critical violation/s reflect how an establishment always operates. Generally, most restaurants in Randolph are cited for non-critical violations that are often corrected by the establishment while the inspector is still on the premises.

The public should be aware of the following:

Food borne Illness Risk Factor Critical Violation - Risk factors mean improper practices or procedures, which have been identified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), through epidemiological data as the most prevalent contributing factors of food borne illness or injury.

Critical Violation
1. A Food Code violation, that, if in noncompliance, is more likely that other violations to contribute to food contamination, illness, or an environmental health hazard. Example: Failure to have gloves for hands with ready to eat foods

2. Any other violation of 105 CMR 590.000 so designated by the Board of Health after written notice to the permit holder that the violation has the potential to seriously affect the public health.

Non-Critical Violation - A violation that does not seriously affect the public health but needs to be corrected

Improving Randolph's Public Health each day, with your help and our help.

Thank you.
Your Grateful Board
Mark Kittredge, Chairman
Thomas J. Fisher, Vice-Chair
Dr. David Kaplan, Member
Esther Muhammad, Member
Nelly Janga, Member

Food Violations:  
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